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Siwaju was incorporated to provide holistic solutions for enhancing people's development, operational excellence, work-place performance, business acumen and entrepreneurial intelligence for new ventures/startups. We have partnered with many organizations within Sub Saharan African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, and Namibia.

Business Consulting

We offer tailor-made business services/consulting for startups and existing businesses seeking avenues for growth and expansion.

Strategy development & formulation

Our Strategy Practice focuses on helping our clients make the best possible decisions required to continually deliver superior performance.

Business education consulting

As a business education-focused business, we build relationships and continuous partnerships with enterprise development team-leads of all forms of organizations in a bid to help them achieve their growth plans.

Leadership development

As a business founded in Africa by Africans, we are aware of one of the leading barries to economic growth in Africa. Hence we made leadership development one of the ...

Helping Small Businesses Find, Purpose, Meaning and Profit...

Siwaju Consulting started out as a business education consulting organization with the sole aim of helping people attain the very best heights in career and business respectively.

This sole initiative opened up other opportunities that further gave us a wider scope of audience and offerings that has today fortified our values and offerings in the African market spectrum.

Industry Experts Onboard
Years of combined business experience
Businesses trained & incubated
Growth Capital Raised Every Quarter

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As Africa takes the center stage in the global market space, it is imperative to prepare the right leadership and market understanding for the businesses of today and tomorrow.
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We develop and use innovative and engaging tools as well as frameworks ...


Multiple post-graduate degrees, including a PhD, with strong corporate experience


Our team of dynamic young and vibrant minds contributes to our ability ...


Combine 45+ years of business management, founder of 15 start-ups and small ...

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